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Titanium Parts Manufacturer - Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co

We specialize in melting, processing and sale of titanium. On this website you can choose and purchase high quality titanium fastening parts: titanium bolts & nuts, screws, fasteners, washers, nails, parts etc. You have probably heard about "Titanium valley of China", Baoji City — this is where we are located. Both state and commercial organizations regularly become our loyal customers. Offering competitive prices for titanium items to every client without exceptions, we deliver to every party of the globe. You can order any item available on this website right now and we will immediately contact you to specify the delivery details.

Titanium is a universal superlight metal used in every industry. Most people heard about it, but few are aware of its beneficial properties. Titanium was initially used in making enginery, but nowadays with its price significantly decreased, titanium is widely used in various civil industries. Every its property is unique: despite its small weight titanium has an absorbing protective coating which makes it corrosion-resistant. No heavier than aluminum, titanium is wearproof in any weather condition. For pure titanium (and titanium alloys’) capacity to withstand high temperature (from 430°С/806°F) this material is widely used in aircraft, shipbuilding, weapon and enginery manufacturing, chemical industry and transportation equipment. Use of titanium allows reducing the total weight of the vehicle, considerably extending its life. Where aluminum and stainless steel fail, titanium endures. This universal metal remains resistant to heavy loads even under trying weather conditions. While not toxic or magnetic, titanium has good heat conductivity.

Having realized titanium’s potential long ago, transport manufacturers actively use it for making fastening parts. It doesn’t increase the final cost, but makes service life of cars, motorcycles or bikes much longer. Special titanium precision parts are used in CNC machines – you can order those parts from us too.

Titanium fastening details are also popular in car racing, motocross and BMX where speed is vital and dangerous at the same time. Ordinary highway cars, motorcycles and bicycles won’t stand a chance on the racing track. As races are usually conducted on impassable roads, durability is a crucial factor. Enhanced by titanium parts and fasteners sport models are a lot faster, more maneuverable and damage-resistant.

Buying titanium fasteners online is real

Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co,. Ltd. production is an outstanding example of undeniable quality for an acceptable price. We offer you wide assortment of titanium fastening details of Titan-Bolts.com. To make sure you are buying just what you need you can read detailed descriptions of all fine goods and see the photos. As a rule, all merchandise displayed on the website is available and will be delivered at the previously stated time. We recommend you to pay close attention to the size of every necessary fastening detail and compare it to the specs of chosen parts. Even the slightest length or size difference may cause vehicle or machine breakdown.

Titanium bolts & nuts

While titanium is more expensive than stainless steel or aluminum, by buying titanium fasteners you actually save more money. Titanium parts will serve you longer and reduce the probability of breakdowns and repair expenses. Titanium fasteners are widely used for repairs and upgrade of sport bikes, BMX (Bicycle Motoсross) in particular. Ordinary bikes are not suitable for BMX competitions. Sport models are lighter and have different construction. Nuts and bolts are used to repair and replace brake disks, bicycle forks, fasteners and other parts. Experts suggest avoiding using stainless steel parts because it may reduce the aerodynamic properties. With titanium bolts and nuts it is possible to make a bike 150-250g lighter. This is more than enough to get ahead of rivals on the track.

Titanium bolts have different hardness. We make machine cut and rolled titanium bolts according to ISO standard: 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, and 12.9. Unlike aluminum and stainless steel parts titanium bolts won’t break even under peak loads. You can buy titanium nuts separately or order them along with bolt. Using ordinary nuts is counterproductive – every metal gets deformed with time it may loosen the nuts as a result. However this is never going to happen, if you use titanium nuts.

Titanium screw

Aside from industrial production titanium has its uses in a lot of other industries. For example, titanium screws are irreplaceable in medical industry. They are non-hazard, non-magnetic, incredibly durable, thermostable and more corrosion-resistant than any other metals. Our collaboration with medical organization gives us confidence to guarantee the quality of medical screws that we make.

A screw differs from a bolt by its shape and size. Also screw fastening doesn’t require nuts. To help you choose the correct type when buying online, the following classification was made:

- round head screw
- tapping screw
- hexagon screw
- countersunk head screw
- word lag screw
- double-headed screw
- fastening screws

To make an order it is enough to indicate the type of titanium screw, the thread pitch and the total number.

Titanium fasteners

Titanium fasteners are universal, especially when it comes to performance under conditions of extreme heat or humidity. Those fasteners are particularly common choice for rotor fastening as titanium doesn’t melt, is virtually inoxidizable and maintains its shape longer than any other metals. Such properties warrant secure fastening of each part.

Titanium fasteners are also widely used beyond industrial equipment. For instance, titanium fastenings can be found in expensive musical instruments.

Titanium washers

Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co,. Ltd. has large variety of types and sizes of titanium parts: flat and fender titanium washer, countersunk finishing and countersunk tooth washers, external-internal, medium and high collar split lock washers and many other types for securing bolts in place.

Titanium wheel bolts

Titanium wheel bolts are extremely hard therefore they cost more than ordinary parts. Such carbuilding giants as Audi, BMW and Ferrari frequently use titanium bolts in their production.

Titanium wheel nuts

This part guarantees the most reliable bolting possible. The head of titanium wheel nut doesn’t get deformed under extreme speed load. Its reliability has been proven by F1 high-speed bolides on the world’s best racetracks.

Titanium nails

You won’t find those nails in a hardware store. This type is mostly used in orthopedics along with titanium studs and joints. Because titanium nails are largely procured by medical organizations, they usually don’t come into common parts market. We make high quality titanium nails of various sizes. To learn more about delivery terms & conditions, contact our manager.

Titanium parts

Eventually CNC parts get worn out under regular overloads and need to be replaced. You can order CNC machine parts or send us your own blueprints. We make various types of CNC titanium precision parts: flange, screws, nuts, couplings, bearings and many others.

With our newest liquid and hard metal working equipment we can produce titanium parts of any shape and form. To make an order call us or send us an e-mail. Baoji Sino-Swiss Titanium Co,. Ltd. guarantees top quality production and prompt delivery.